;I do have credit

January 30, 2001

Credit went through

and I will be moving this weekend. I’ve been re-designing the dotorg site and

been really busy with that. I spent about $90 at Biglots today….do you have

any idea how much crap you can buy for 90 bucks at f-ing BigLots? Way too much.

Went by the house I sat for a week. My reward was a bunch of nice NOLA sketches

and Marti Gras posters along with beads and some nice ties. I’m tired and have

too much to do. There are going to be some big changes on this site……stay

tuned…… Most might have to wait to announce until next week. I going a little

overboard on things regarding this site, but I don’t care. It’s not costing

me a dime. 

My webdesign business

will start-up again in March. I will begin to take new clients as of March 1,

2001 and should have more information available in the next two weeks. Due to

health reasons, I had to turn away clients (all 3 of them) and hopefully I can

get them back. I could really use the references and money. 

Like I said above..I’m