Another New Design

February 5, 2001

Yes this is another new design but in the same vein as the other. This one is more OSX driven than the X-Windows-esque design I was using previously.�

I used OS/2 a few years back and I was always mesmerized by it. I though it was stronger than Windows (3.1 at the time) and I knew it was going to be the “Windows Killer”. IBM decided in their infinite wisdom to not market the hell out of it. Windows 95 came in and ran all over the OS/2 market. IBM also scrapped the PowerPC version of OS/2 and that system would have been able to run on IBM & Apple systems. They even developed ThinkPads with PPCs in them. I liked OS/2 far better than Windows but w95 had apps. Better aps than OS/2 and more of them at that. Why am I talking about it…..well I found a copy of OS/2 Warp 4.0 and installed it on a machine at my new home. I’m playing around with it and it installed great on a 486. Now the install wasn’t as smooth as a Windows install but it was better than most Linux installs with the exception of Caldera. I’m plotting about what the next step is.