February 6, 2001

Did I also mention I’m broke……ah payday is Friday.

Diabetes update: My blood sugar has been steady for the past few weeks. Nothing above normal and not too many bouts of hypoglycemia. I started some new medicine on Sunday and I think that has been helping with my bouts of low blood sugar. I’ve just been more tired this week, but as it was pointed out to me, I’ve been on the go 16+ hrs a day since Friday and my body is just telling me to slow down.�

I’ve been working on the Mac side of things for the past few days and I’m beginning to like it . Haven’t had any major crashes, just takes some getting use to. I found some G3/G4 cases on eBay that I thought about getting. Hack in an ATX board and !voila!. I also found a site about using an iMac as a server. Just rip out the guts and put the main board in a rack mount case. I saw this on /. a while ago and since I’m in a MacMood�, I thought I would check it out again. I also thought about getting a G3 board (also while looking on eBay) and one of those bare cases and hacking together my own system. I’ve got the drives and memory, all I would need is that case. One of the cases was a Graphite G4 and the other was a G4 case without the plastic only a metal shell. Then again this is all a dream….I haven’t got the moola to do this right now. Plus I have WAY too many computers. I didn’t think about it until I had to move all of them this week. Might just get rid of them all so I can get a Powerbook with VirtualPC� :).

Speaking of hacking….project for tomorrow, I’ve got to install this ASP uploading script on the intranet server at work. I hope that NT4 won’t screw with me.�

Talked to a client today about laser printers. His died and he needs a new one. I think I’m going to suggest a Lexmark Optra. I had a few of these at the Hospital and for the money they’re good. I would suggest an HP, but with the luck I’ve had with my 5000n, I don’t think so right now. The only reason I would suggest an HP is for availability.�