Tis But a Blur

February 7, 2001

Yes, today was a blur. I worked all day on various projects and I can’t remember what I did. Nothing too computer related today. I’ve been playing around with Mozilla a lot and I do like it. It’s slow, but it’s good. I finally got to download Netscape 6 on my PC, but it took forever. I tried to download it to the Mac, but the damn thing would never download. Instead, I downloaded Mozilla.�

I added an upload component to my intranet server. Wasn’t too bad, just the directions I got were not complete. I had to delve into the Transaction server and add some components and whoever built that &^%^& server put the “scripts” folder on the root of the drive (i.e. x:scripts) instead of x:inetpubscripts. I had everything in the right place, but it still wouldn’t work. Finally I looked in the WWW manager and saw the right place. Now my permissions will allow me to access the file, on the server. I tried it in my office and realized I will need to update the security and add read/write access as well. I’m not as rusty in iis as I thought I was.�

I downloaded Dreamweaver with the hopes of figuring it out. It’s management might be a solution.�