Adventures in Chaos pt. I

February 11, 2001

Well it has been difficult without net access, but the need for a washing machine outweighs that of a kick ass cable modem. For now I’m going to either get a Cricket phone ($29 mo unlimited) or an actual phone line. I think the phone line will win out. Niki doesn’t quite understand the need for the kick ass cable modem, but I do.�

I setup, or began to setup my office� yesterday. I bought a bookcase and an entertainment center (yes, one that will hold my computer) and the old entertainment center needed to be moved. The office was a logical solution. That center is holding : an a/b box, 14″ monitor, PseudoMac, Compaq cds520 (running os/2), and my frankenstein box that will have Caldera installed soon. All of that is beside my desk and a makeshift keyboard tray for the computer rack. With that being said, my home network is still non-existent. I have my hub and a NIC in MadCow and the Compaq. The NIC in my Laptop is dead and I’ll have to use my other NIC once I do some “modifications” to the thin aluminum that is keeping it from making a connection to the PCCARD.

My apartment is starting to take shape with only the problems of getting a Washer/Dryer in foreseeable future. I figure that the next paycheck will be the one I can actually save money with instead of spending it on things like bookcases and dishtowels. I can get a washer for $250 and that would take about two weeks to a month to save up. The dryer would be the one after that. You see I hate credit cards, in my late teens/early 20’s that was the only way I could get what I needed. The bills didn’t become a problem until my mid-20’s when I need to not have debt so I can progress with life.��

I am also thinking about getting a new ISP. I’ve used, Compuserve/SPRY, and in the past. I really want one that will allow you to use your software to setup a connection. It’s just a control freak thing from my Trumpet Winsock days. I’m looking at Earthlink, but I really want a local company, but I don’t want to deal with a bunch of dolts. I’m looking at an Atlanta based company that might soon also get my hosting service. The company has ASP support, that I need. I’m really wanting to setup a few ASP solutions and I can’t.�

-i have something i want to say here but i can’t…you dig?-