E.T. & The Space Ego Problem

February 12, 2001

I bit the bullet and got an analog phone line…..I really didn’t want to, but I needed internet connectivity. It will be months before I get cable or DSL. I’ll need to check up on Bellsouth’s site to see if it can come to my area.

I’m going to setup my Compaq 520, a 486 that was actually my 1st computer, to be a voicemail system. I had OS/2 on it, but with the software I have and by being the cheap bastard I am, I’m going to install 95 so it will work. I have an Intel NIC in it but that might be removed for security.

I installed OS/2 on another machine today, a frankensten machine, i.e. one system that has been put together with the scraps of dead computers and beat to hell cases. It runs great and will be a good test bed system. It’s a p75, but with upgrade chips super cheap now, it will have a 166mmx in the next few weeks.�

Over the course of the next few weeks, I am going to re-build all of my systems. They all need NICs and they all need some TLC to get them on my home network. This will more that likely be my weekend projects and� late night worries. I found out today that my SMC NICs will not work under Win2k without removing the auto jumper and setting all of the levels. Easy enough, but I’ll wait to see if I can get my other Intel card to work.

I read somewhere that Apple has declared the iMac as EOL or End of Life. What will the next generation look like? I’ve been thinking about this and here is what I predict:

  • All in one unit

  • LCD Screen, large scale ala Titanium Powerbook G4

  • Small Footprint ala the Cube

I don’t believe there will be a lot of changes to the hardware, I think they will ditch the CRT to make the machine smaller, but with the iMac being the “cheap” machine, this could be iffy.�