Evil Evil Evil

February 13, 2001

I’m out sick today……so nothing too work related.�

I installed 95b on the Compaq, and the sound didn’t work. Looked in Hardware and the NIC was on the same IRQ as the ESS688 sound card. Removed the card and it works. Installed Compaq’s MediaPilot software and I can dial numbers, use the speakerphone, and setup mailboxes, but I can’t get the machine to answer using the answering machine. I have a copy of 95 (.950 for those curious) that might solve the problems I’m having. But I think I’ll look for some software that will be better for a small system. BTW, the Softset software is needed to change the NIC’s address. I had a copy of it around here, but I might be available on the web.

Nope, DSL isn’t available at my location. Cable will be the next on the wish list.

I said yesterday that all of my systems are going to be refurbished….I hate dragging this project for a while but It looks like it will take this weekend and a few days next week to accomplish what I want to do.�