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February 14, 2001

Happy Valentine’s Day….especially to Niki and to my Mom.�

Nothing too much happened, it just seems that no matter how long I work, it seems that the day just whirls by. 4pm just seems to creep up on me…like Hobbes on Calvin.�

Finally got the Compaq, now christened Ms. Hathaway (since it will take messages when I’m away), working with my voicemail system. I also got the Intel NIC to work. When 95b installed it put the sound card on IRQ 5, when I formatted and installed good ole 95 (.950) It installed it on IRQ 9. That also might have been my problem with the MediaPilot software. Now I know that it will be a security risk, but since I’m not running RAS or VNC on the box it won’t be a problem. Especially since all of my machines are off except Ms. Hathaway. Now when/if I get a cable line, that machine will have to be removed from the network. All I need is for some script kiddie to f-up a perfectly good system.

Also, I got Bob’s NIC card to work on the network. My hub is strange, it will only work properly if the cables are beside each other. I can’t ping anything from Bob, but I can see my workgroup. I’m going to pop a SMC NIC into the OS/2 box and see if I can share resources on it as well. PseudoMac should be pretty easy to configure under MacOS and Linux. The only one I’m worried about is MadCow. More than likely, I’ll get a new NIC from Circuit City. Once I get my network situation worked out, I’ll setup a design machine to do my Photoshop/scanning/web work off of. My 233 machine should be configured by this weekend. It will have a copy of Dreamweaver as a test. I’m also going to put GIMP on my Mac to see how it works.�