Faster Laptop, Kill Kill Kill

February 18, 2001

I’ve been working on Bob, trying to get his modem or any modem connect to him to connect to NetZero. I installed NT4 and actually it works like a charm. Unless, I put the NIC in……damn I’m beginning to hate this machine. This machine will not be a mobile machine like I’ve hoped for, now I’m going to set it up as a server and if I play my cards right that copy of NT Server is somewhere in my collection. [mike: nope it was a bad burn and has been thrown away ages ago, I found my database and that was the note included.]

I’ve been unpacking my office and I have tons of stuff to sort and put together. I’m throwing away some things that I vowed that I wouldn’t. The 386… trashed…..the 486 board……it will be trashed…..Actually I’m going to use it, via freesco, as a router.�

My internal server will have DHCP and possibly run Linux. I don’t know yet. I have an eval copy of Netware 5, and I have a machine that is able to run it, but I don’t know if I want to exactly do that. For education purposes maybe…..but not for home use. Right now I use Netpresenz as my FTP server at work. It’s a MacOS-based product but it works well.

AS I added the note about the bad NT Disk, I decided that I might try Linux on that machine. I have a few copies around and maybe Caldera would work. It might have problems with the swappable drives but it would be a shot. I have some reservations because NT4sp4 Workstation works very well on that machine, I didn’t have to futz with any settings, except the modem. OR should I just cut my losses and leave NT4 intact and see what external modem I can get to work. I think I’ll cut my losses and just worry about Linux on other boxes.�

You know, the idea of selling everything and getting an iBook is becoming more appealing.

I watched the Daytona 500 for the first time in years, while I was working on a friends system. As soon as I turned my head to finish putting on the case, I saw the Earnhardt crash. Didn’t look bad, but as Daryl Waltrup said “That Looks Better Than It Is”.� I’m not a racing fan, but I remember watching the Petty’s race when I was younger, but the whole John Boy & Billy-fication of racing made me dislike it. I grew up in a neighborhood with a bunch of rednecks and that just drove the point home more. I hate that someone died in a crash, and it was a year ago that the youngest Petty died. I just can’t stand to see a car crash, and I won’t watch another Nascar race again.