February 19, 2001

Today was another boring day…..Tonight was Niki’s late evening. SHe had to work until 9pm, so I went by and had dinner with her. Came home, got my towels together and dropped them off at the “Clothes Care Facility” in the clubhouse. Decided to see how many motherboards I have are toast. I has 2 questionable boards…were they just misdiagnosed/configured or were they dead. Well, they were both bad.�

I pulled the p75 from my OS/2 machine and popped in a 133. The bios still says it’s a p75, but it runs faster. I also worked a bit on�

Maggie, the AMD233 machine. The problems with that machine were heat related. I rigged up a heat sync with a 486 fan to provide temporary relief. I was able to format the drive and install Mandrake 7.1. The only glitch I have is with my monitor. It’s a beat to hell monitor that was a gift. I like it, but unfortunately it gets the jiggles in SVGA mode, and only displays in a yellow/black/grey configuration. A cable had broken away from the solder. Decided to go ahead and solder that f-er back. Deems to display better, but those damn jaggies might be the sign to only use this monitor for testing. I also tried using it on the Pseudomac and it didn’t work. Now, I gave my spare 14 to my mother to replace her dead IBM. If I can get this monitor fixed (I will either make a new end for the Gateway or bet that damn IBM fixed…or trash them both and get a new monitor.)

Verbalizing my Thoughts

I’ve been really toying with the idea of cleaning out my office. I figure I can make a nice machine out of the few I have around and sell it off for a few hundred bucks. Of course keeping one beat to hell system for a test bed and to hold my CD-R. I think that the Pentium Pro system, MadCow, will be a good bet to sell….Lots of memory, name brand cards, huge case. I can sell it’s twin, Maggie, I will just need to add a CD and possibly a newer video card. It’s 2mb STB isn’t that hot. They have the exact same memory, 96mb, two hard drives over 2gb. The pseudomac system would also be a good bet to sell. I’ve seen the same systems go for $200+ on eBay.� I would just need to do an M16 operation on them (barebones install of an OS and Apps). I have a copy of System 7 for it, but I have 8.5 on it currently. I figure I can get $200 a piece for PseudoMac and MadCow, Maggie would fetch under $175. The Compaq that currently serving as my voicemail system would fetch under $100. I can keep a frankensten system for my Linux experimentations. The money I get from those systems will go toward a new system….That will leave me with 3 systems total. Frankenstein, Sunshine/Victor (Niki’s system) and a new system. 2 systems in my house.�