February 22, 2001

Quiet day around the apartment……went to O’Charlie’s for dinner and came back to rest. Niki played NT Pinball on Bob the laptop while I took a nap. She has offered to trade-in her system for that laptop. I’ve accepted. That way I can get my 17″ monitor back. The only problem was that Bob wouldn’t connect to the internet. I finally installed a 33.6 external modem on the docking station and I’ll be damned if it didn’t work. I’m going to try the PCCARD modem again tomorrow, to see if it will now work. Maybe there was some ghost in the machine or something else. I can configure the port, but the modem isn’t being recognized when I do a “Find Modem”.�

With Victor coming back into my posession, I will have a nice computer to replace MadCow as the entertainment computer. I’ll just pop MadCow’s video card in Victor and put that new Millennium card in MadCow. Niki’s machine is about the size of a VCR. and will fit nicely beside it. I’m going to build a CD shelf where MadCow was. Maybe paint Victor a flat black or use scotchcal to make it look like a part of an entertainment center. I don’t know yet, and I will be sure to document the transformation.�