As we speak (or type)

March 4, 2001

As we speak (or type) my Frankenstein machine is running NT4. Maggie is dead….i shot her…..(for those that don’t know, Maggie is a computer). I’ve decided to take everything from my frankenstein machine and pop it it Maggie, RSN. I have a 586 board that would be a neat little Linux box and that’s my next experiment. I’ve been working on connecting everything via the Internet Connection Share using Win98. It works, and works rather well. And it was a simple way to implement DHCP on my AAN (Apartment Area Network). Now, If I can get MadCow to work…..he’s working great, but he doesn’t like the NICs I’ve installed. I’m definately doing to Circuit City and pick up a new PCI NIC. Then I can move the DHCP off of this machine (Win98:VIctor) to MadCow. I’m going to test it a bit, but it should work.

Dead day around here……cleaning, cooking, and cussing computers.