Worked a bit more on

March 5, 2001

Worked a bit more on my machines yesterday….and I’m still going to swap parts from one machine to another. I also found out that the Magitronic board I’m using now isn’t a Socket 5, like I had thought but a Socket 7. The motherboard book says that it will go up to 166, but they didn’t have any engineering spec chips available when testing…….so that means, 133 looks good. I now have a spare 166 Cyrix and a 233 AMD without a home. I’m going to try a simple test to see if the Cyrix will work in the Magitronic board. If not, the 133 is safe. It’s also getting the memory out of the old board as well as some I forgot I had, so it should be running at 98mb of ram when I have a chance to work on it….maybe Wednesday.

I also got my old Mustek 600 scanner working, I had it in storage for years. Found a new driver and plugged it up to Victor and it works well. It’s not as nice as my UMAX PowerLook III, but for the price it’s nice. It’s hard to compare a $150 (in 1997) scanner to a $1,300 SCSI scanner.

In my last note, I stated the problems I had with Maggie……video cards were also a problem. I can’t stand this damn motherboard. It is definately fried.

The 586, I’ve decided, will also have a SCSI card in it. Linux is going to be installed…..I just don’t know what flavor.