Finally got my Sears card,

March 7, 2001

Finally got my Sears card, so now I can get a washer/dryer. I got tired of spending $8 per laundry day…..So anyway, Niki & went looking for a nice washer/dryer and I believe I found one, I would perfer the smaller ones, but…. a big but.. this is something that I want to have for a while, so when Niki and I get married we won’t have to fight over how small the machines are.

After our Sears adventure, we went to Circuit City and looked around, primarely at game consoles. She really wants one. She likes the N64, but I think that the Sega Dreamcast would be a better machine. They’re all the same price. Alas, we didn’t pick on up and I think we talked ourselves out of it. I’ll look at the pawn shops this weekend for a cheapo box. I did pick up a Netgear USB network card there. Well, it isn’t really a card, it a USB box that plugs into a USB port, and you connect a NIC cable to the USB box. Went home and installed a USB card in MadCow and connected the NIC. Everything found and I used the supplied driver disk. Configured great and setup on DHCP. I’m going to move the internet sharing from Victor to Madcow, so that should work fine.

I also played around with Zope and I think this would be a nice product to figure out to use as an intranet server at work. I have it on my laptop at work and I will soon install on my NT box at home, so I can figure this damn thing out. It’s complex, but I figure once I get past the next few curves, it should be easy. I do like it so far, but saying that is like reviewing the preface of a book and giving it a 4 star review on how well the preface was written, even if the rest of the book is lacking.

I also downloaded PHP, Perl for Win32, MySQL, and PHP Nuke. We’ll see how they fair on the box as well. I wanted to figure out PHPNuke since I’m working with it more, but since I’m not installing Linux yet, that will wait. The franknstein machine will be my server test bed and hopefully I can learn it in a short amount of time.