Nothing much going on…..I’ve been

March 8, 2001

Nothing much going on…..I’ve been reading my past issues of WebTechniques One of the few magazines that i look forward to receiving each month. I always learn something from that mag. Interestingly enough, they have an article on Zope. As I dive deeper in leaning Zope, I really like it. I think the security is good, and it’s something that you can pop in a module with no problems. They even have one that will base security of the NT doman structure……No thanks. I would rather setup logins on a seperate server. I hope to finalize my ApartmentNet this weekend, it should take a few minutes as I swap the DHCP server from my 98 box to Win2k.

I worked on my recruitment site for work, and it will go live this week. I am planning on doing a minor update in 2 weeks. They need that site up, and it soon will.

My righrt wrist has been sore today, so I think I will need to check-out a new wrist guard and work on a desk modification.