Well damn…..I forgot to post

March 10, 2001

Well damn…..I forgot to post yesterday. I really wanted to post my experiences installing MacOS9, but I’m in too good a mood today to do so. I will talk about the complete rebuilding of PseudoMac, the PowerComputing PowerWave 604/120. I reinstalled System 7 on it and completely wiped off Yellow Dog Linux and OS 8.5. I’ve had an ongoing problem with the CD Drive, my guess was that “since it wasn’t Apple, I’ll need a driver”. I had the driver……I’ve had the driver a long time….I just never installed it correctly. I musta been brain dead for a while not to think to copy from the cd (remember write protected) to the hard drive. I would always get an error when running the driver utility about a locked disk….I ,coming from the Wintel world, thought that it was trying to write to the hard disk….nope. It writes to a seperate file. And if it is on a CD, then it will never write to a damn file. AARG!!!!!. I reinstalled 8.5 on it, once I got everything squared away. I set it up on DHCP, and it can now surf the web, via Win98. Not too bad a machine.

A friend of mine has sent a replacement for the NT4 Server disk I lost… I’m going to see if I can install it on frankenstein. That way I can test the zope system out on an actual systems instead of a workstation.

God I hate NetZero……If I had a few more dollars I could get a free decent cable modem……

I have a really long AOL story to tell……I was doing a project online and actually needed AOL, this was during the summer. I canceled in August. I looked on my bank statement and noticed I was still being charged. I called and haggled with the operator, since “They only go back two months on situations like this”. I pulled rank. I had asked for the supervisors’ supervisor and stated that I write for a website with “X amount of hits” and that I would be glad to publish my situation online..I think they didn’t want the PR company to have to handle a problem and decided to nip it in the bud.I …..I wound up getting canceled and a promised refund of over $150…….looks like I can now pay my taxes. Thank You AOL……F-You AOL..

I still plan on putting this online in it’s entirety…..go here for people like me