Yipee! I got some new

March 12, 2001

Yipee! I got some new memory for my work machine. I now have 384mb of ram!! Maybe I won’t become spoiled from using this machine. Virtual PC isn’t in yet.

The Windows2000 version of Internet Connection Sharing sucks. Sucks dirt to be exact. I wound up popping the modem out of MadCow and into Victor so it would work properly. I might try it again when I rebuild MadCow soon. The DHCP component isn’t that great. It wanted to go back to, but in the books and websites I’ve looked at, it needs to be 169.254.*.*. I just got tired of fussing with it, so I just yanked out the modem and moved it to Victor….after I pulled out the sound card. I’ll have something figured out soon.

I downloaded the new iTunes Friday, and it rocks. I like it better than Real Player, Media Player, WinAmp. Plays a lot smoother with it’s streaming. My over all impression of OS9 is this: it’s good, stable, and seems a lot better……but it is a bitch to install. The installation seems complex to be a MacOS. I’m going to stick with 9.1 for a while and let the bugs get fixed in OS10. For a home system or for a non-production system, I would install it ASAP, but on the B&W G3 at work I would be foolish to. I want to know more about some compatibility issue with 3rd part SCSI cards and everything else I work with. If I had a OSX capable system at home, mine only goes to 9.1, I definately would install it. Maybe the iBook fairy will put one under my pillow soon. As I read more about the new iBooks (coming this Summer) I will wait until at least Fall to go forward with the iBook plan or purchase a book that already has video out and USB. I like the TV-Out possibility, but I can purchase an adapter to work off of the VGA port for that. I’m going to look at a Pismo or a Lonbardi notebook and I might look at some slower models.