[warning: long post]

March 17, 2001

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I had a lot of work to accomplish and little time to think about my days. I can honestly say that this has been a rough week….I’m glad it’s over. Everything has been going well with the new director. I had a lot of ads going out this week and I just started on a photo directory for our Auxiliary.

I’m typing this on MadCow, he is currently in my home office for some repairs and some tests. He will be my machine. I’m going to get a VGA to TV converter instead of another video card and plug Victor into it. Victor can run DHCP a lot better than MadCow will and MadCow is better with Graphics and Video. It’s more of a steady machine. I moved Frankenstein out of it’s case and into Maggie. I decided to rename it Shamrock, since this is St. Patrick’s Day and that�s the official birth date of this machine. One small problem, actually 1/16th of an inch problem. The power supply doesn’t reach the motherboard, so I ordered an extension cable. I also ordered SCSI cables for the mac, so I can use my external SCSI case. The motherboard problem is frustrating, but it’s better than what problems I’v had. The SCSI box, is actually the Frankenstein case, with an internal to external “dongle” to connect it and the SCSI drives that will be inside Frankenstein to the PseudoMac. I have limited space on it, and this will allow me to use all of the drives for less money. It should push me to the 6gb mark on the Mac.

Today is boring, actually I has planned to read today. I left the book at work so I decided to cook some wonderful Hearty Been Soup from Manischewits. It’s good. Niki came over and had lunch with me, then went back to work. So I’m chillin’ g.

I love writing, it’s an escape. For a long time I was in the middle of writing a book. Not a computer book, but a fictional novel based on ideas about “should-have-beens” in my life. It wasn’t an autobiography but it had characters that were based on people in my life. not real names and some of the characters were comprised of two or more real people. I wrote that damn book for years. Some of the dialogue was lost when I was involved in a power failure. It was hell to recreate that�..so I left it alone for 6 months. During those six months, I matured�.I thought later about those pages so I went back to revisit what I has wrote earlier. Popped in the disk and it was unreadable, The disk had gone bad. Part of the reason I wanted to read that was to see what I was thinking. I realized that writing was therapy. I had a lot of issues about lost loves, not knowing what to do in life, and choices I had made and writing about what I was thinking made it possible for me to leave that in the past. This may sound corny, but I�m glad that disk died�..it allowed me to just drop those ideas in the past and worry about my future.

The daily journal I keep is therapy to me, and apparently to many others as well. Look on blogger.com and some of the other blog sites to see into people�s ideas and souls. Now understand, I don�t put everything in my life online. There are some things that either because of personal or professional confidentiality, must stay off line. Some times it�s a fight not to cross that line. But with what I said above in perspective, the same is true in this, the analog world, too. We all set personal boundaries with people, friends, co-workers, etc. about what we will and do talk about. Politics, religion, work, sex. sports, etc. We all draw the line somewhere and know if it has been crossed.

It�s the accusations of crossing the line that make me want to be a hermit somewhere or take a vow of silence. People are too quick to point a finger. We don�t know facts we assume everything.

And what did we learn from �The Bad News Bears�? �Don�t assume�.it makes an �ass� out of �u� and �me�.