I finally got tired of

March 19, 2001

I finally got tired of NetZero this weekend. Every time I would go to the bathroom or the kitchen, one of those “disconnect” buttons would appear and knock me off line. I also got tired of fighting with the browser window that loads up in full screen mode and lets you search through goto.com, an utterly worthless search engine. I just signed up with BellSouth. It was nice to be able to go to the living room and talk with Niki, and not have to worry about NZ killing my 2mb download. I got a deal because I�m a current customer and I was able to use a friend�s name to possibly get him a discount�Thanks Phil.

I found another power supply at my Mom�s this weekend. I�m going to test it with my new SCSI box, to see if it is powerful enough for the drives.

Been playing around with a web editor for the Mac, freeway. It�s nice, has a Quark interface and would be a good editor to replace NetObjects and FrontPage. The only thing that it is lacking, is management. But, I�ll bet I haven�t dug deep enough yet. When Virtual PC finally arrives, I�m going to test a few more things.

Nothing else of merit to talk about��