Sometimes I do believe that

March 23, 2001

Sometimes I do believe that the MacOS is almost as reliable as Linux. Then I have a major problem and want to chuck it. I installed Apple�s new Disk Burner software. Trust me on this one, it suck on a G3 B&W. I trashed it. Had to remove ump-teen extensions just to get my CD-R back to normal.

I�m trying to get away from Microsoft�� I am going to find a replacement for FrontPage and I�m going to move all of my software at home, and possibly at work away from the giant. I use Quark (MS Publisher is Junk), Photoshop, and NetObjects. As soon as I can find a nice word processor that I like better than Word or the entire Office package, I�ll use it. Microsoft makes a good Office package, I just disagree with their protection packages in the upcoming XP series of upgrades.

Linux�..oh Linux how I hope you get better��.Linux�s problem is the packages that are available for it. I like Caldera and TurboLinux, friends like Debian and SuSE. No one has found a good office package. And NO, emacs nor vi count. Geeks Rule the world, but I don�t see Linux being the next Windows 3.1. Linux is looking at Windows but they need to gun for Apple. Apple has more marketshare and will dominate more markets than Linux has for years.