I haven’t been slacking off,

March 28, 2001

I haven’t been slacking off, ok. I�ve been busy this weekend rebuilding MadCow, Maggie/Shamrock, and a new system, Bluehat. I�m going to play catch-up or is that ketchup?????

Ok, here is the beginning. I�m now using Madcow as my main machine again, Victor�..well I don�t know what I�m going to do yet. Ok back to Madcow, I tried to use a serial mouse on the system but it would not budge. I wound up installing a PS/2 connector and reinstalling Win2k. It was a slow, really slow install of Windows2000. Everything is fine now, I just need to reinstall my aps and I�ll be ok.

Shamrock has a new home. I swapped it for mom�s computer that has been named Bluehat. Shamrock has a 133 and 80mb of ram. I also installed a 1gb drive just to provide a swap file for the PC. Bluehat is a 166 with 128mb of ram and a 2gb disk. It�s built off of an Acer board with a STB video card and an ESS 1688 sound card. I removed the NIC from the voicemail system and installed it in Bluehat. The most interesting thing about the new machine is it�s OS. I installed Redhat 7 and so far I like it. I just can�t get it to ping my network. The IP is set and I did everything according to the “Dummies for RH7” book. I even got my sound going. I�m going to dig into the world of CLI tonight to get my network running. The only thing I changed to the system was to install the memory and an IBM 128mb drive used as a swap file. I do like GNOME, I fooled around with it while using Turbolinux, or an earlier Mandrake, hell I forget. But I initially didn�t like GNOME and prefer using KDE. I like the features and quite possibly the ease at which I was able to config my system. I�m to install Caldera again on a spare drive in Bluehat, just to see which one I like better.

My MAC is still running good. Victor runs well, and Niki�s laptop is in good shape. I don�t know about keeping Victor. It almost became Mom�s system, but what she does, it wouldn�t get very much use. Victor will become my living room machine, but I don�t know when that will occur. The money situation is dictating everything right now. I just bought a new washer/dryer set and I need to get my car fix, and I need to pay taxes, and I need to pay bills. I might sell off most of my machine so I can have some cashola. At this point I would sell everything except MadCow and Bluehat. Everything else is expendable.

I finally got Virtual PC for my Mac at work. It is a dog�runs slow. What I didn�t know about VPC, was that it emulates a P100mmx. I have 256mb of ram set aside for it and it runs slower on Win2k than MadCow and he�s a Pentium Pro 200 with 96mb of ram. I think I would prefer Win98. I can browse the www, but I�ll need one of the admins to join me to the network.

Work is hard right now� I have a lot going on, and I�m stressed to the gills. I�ve been busy and for the time being I�m going to be busy for a long time. Niki�s doing well and everyone else seems to be ok. I went to a computer show this weekend and ran into Reed and his roommate Steve who designed the MAES system. I also ran into one of my old music buddies Sam. It�s kinda a class reunion when I go to these things. I never know who I�m going to see. I picked up a Goldstar/Compaq slot drive CD-ROM, that currently in BlueHat. I was impressed by the laptop vendors and the good prices they had on Sony laptops. I might forgo the iBook and get a nice Sony laptop that I can run Linux on. Maybe dual boot Win2k or that new XP beta. I don�t know yet. I like laptops better than desktops, but I still want to have one desktop at home.

Also, one last thing, damn this was a long post��this starts the 2nd page in Word�..ok back to what I was going to say. I decommissioned the voicemail machine, Ms Hathaway. It was my first computer and when I think now about how much I had paid for it, I cringe, it the 486 cost more than the iBook does now. And I could have got a p3 based Sony laptop for $1,000 cheaper. I found out I was losing messages in the voice mail system, and I�m afraid that I lost a very important call in the mix. So, it�s turned off, the NIC has been yanked, and a classified ad will be posted in the paper next week. I figure if I can get about $50 for it, I�ll be lucky. I held on the system for years, because when you pay almost 2k for a system, you really don�t want to sell it for almost nothing. But, hell, this is the computer age. It has been replaced by a nice Bellsouth CallerID/Answering Machine that hopefully cost less than what I can get for the Compaq. Sorry for the long post a shorter one will happen soon.