notice! I have a lot

March 29, 2001


I have a lot of projects going, personal, professional, and job related. My time to be online will be severely short. I have almost 100 emails, no joke, and I need to get these projects done in a timely manner. Right now my life is split among a few different places, Work being #1; I have a lot going right now, can’t talk about it too busy, Personal life; Niki and I are doing fine, but I have little “down time” to call my own. I haven’t watched TV in a while and I haven’t relaxed on a couch in a while, last night was the first in a few weeks, my other “job”; I have a book review to get online and that should be punched out next week, other duties;I have some exciting things to work on personally, I have two new domain names and I also have some mock-ups I need to get online soon. If things work out well, this will soon calm down.

Kinda a rap up of what my sites will be: – consulting services, music/bands websites, business sites, music related offerings. – html design, templates, links to web design sites. – personal home page, notes, portal.