damn I�m still working like

March 30, 2001

damn I�m still working like a keebler elf….

one of my personal/private projects is %50 in the design phase. Once I get the layout complete, it will be time to move everything into Photoshop.

went to the “My Place” restaurant yesterday with Toni & Ernie, had a great meatloaf platter and went back to work. I�m trying to find a project management package that isn�t like the one I previously used in IS. I�m evaluating Project 2000, just I would really like an ASP-based product.

I did finally get Bluehat on my network. I did some ifconfig testing and noticed that my route command listed only the loopback. I�m glad I remember how to add a route statement to via the CLI. I did another check and noticed that the sound card, that is working, was occupying the same IRQ as the NIC card. Damn, that would be the problem. I futzed with it earlier to see if I could get it going. I halted the system, removed the sound card, and rebooted. When it came up, I checked over to Madcow to see that ping �t command was actually getting a response. Then I telnetted into the Win2k box and was able to login and hit the editor. W00h00. I do like Redhat 7, and I hope to figure out how to tighten up the security this weekend and possibly install Samba. It�s on a disk somewhere. I also need to install a webeditor for linux. But I also have more important things to do. I was planning on installing Caldera to Bluehat on a separate drive to see what I like better, but I am happy with RedHat at this point in time.

Oh, how I wish I had a clone��..