i had just started to

April 1, 2001

i had just started to type a lot of stuff…..blogger crapped out for the 2nd time since the newest update.

Ok I had an adventeruous weekend……

1.) Rebuilt BlueHat, the 166mh, 2.1gb drive, 128mb ram into a 200mhx, 6.1gb drive with a sound blaster. I swapped parts from Victor. I also swapped the Compaq/Goldstar CD-ROM for the Creative CD-ROM in MadCow. Reinstalled RH7, Mozilla, NIC, and Sound Setup.

2.) Moved the 1.6 f: drive in MadCow to Victor, replaced with the 2.1gb from BlueHat.

3.) Worked on a prospective site for a project. I have my ideas and they had been changed a little. I’m almost done.

4.) Purchased a new cell phone from Sprint. I get a better deal than Cingular and better coverage. I never though a tiny phone would have better batteries than my Nokia, but I’ve ran my Samsung for the past day without a charge and it works.

5.) Rented a few dreamcast games…..Q3 Arena is cool but not for me. Niki got ToyStory 2.

6.) Victor is up for sale and I already have a prospective buyer.

see I have stuff to do. I also need to try out my new washing machine….yippee!