Well my RedHat machine is

April 3, 2001

Well my RedHat machine is still working fine. I installed IBM TopSite for Linux and that comes with a special version of WINE for it, Mozilla .8, and VMWare 2. I have been playing around with VMWare under Win2k, but I dl a Linux version Monday night to tryout. I do like it……I wound up installing the FTP server for Win2k, so I could transfer the RPM’s to a spare drive. I could have sworn that I had a 250mb drive lying around, but I couldn�t locate it. AnyHoo, the ftp server on MadCow accomplishes the same thing�.my ability to save the packages I download to my linux box, so I can reinstall without any problems. Knowing how I like to tinker and futz around with a computer, this is a good thing, incase I blowup the linux install. I�m planning another reinstall, just to get everything setup correctly. There is some speed issues that I didn�t have with the first install and my memory is going at 96% capacity�and I have 128mb on a 200mmx Pentium. I did find myself looking at motherboard upgrades�I can�t afford any type of upgrade until after the taxes are paid. I think an ATX board with an AMD K62 400-500 is in my cost range. All of my cards, memory, and drives can be moved over. Maybe I can just see if that 233 chip will work in this board�..

Nothing else going on�.