Um�.this has been a strange

April 10, 2001

Um�.this has been a strange week. My knee is feeling better so I�m back at work. Physical Therapy is just like the name implies it�s therapy and it�s f-ing physical. I have a small limp, but the good therapists at work have done a swell job putting me back together. I�m going to a Lookouts game this week complements of my mom�s company , Krystal .

I found the funniest website around. Thank god it was a website-du-jour from my favorite morning show. It�s called “Robot Frank ” The photo of Robot Frank on Halloween with a Skateboard, Eggs, and a Crowbar is damn funny. My twisted friends will enjoy this. This will soon be on my portal page.

I�ve downloaded the newest version of Gnome & Sawfish. As soon as I have time, this will be updated on my RH box.

The site is having some funky problem because of a server upgrade. Small but frustrating problems.

Um. Let me go back to the Robot Frank site�.check under links, he had some damn funny fan clubs. He�s crazy about Balki.