Don�t Let Yoko Break Up

April 11, 2001

Don�t Let Yoko Break Up The Beatles, ok?

Or An Open Letter to the Daynotes Gang.

I, like many others, enjoy the daily diatribes by the Daynotes Gang . I started out by reading Jerry Pournelle�s column in Byte magazine. It kept me entertained and motivated during my 2nd shift duties as a Computer Admin. I was excited when Jerry moved to the web, first at his Earthlink site, then on his own site. I always liked his columns; it inspired me to write more about computers. I started writing online in 1995, so I was very happy when he started his daily journal. I think while I was reading a post, I discovered this fellow named Robert Thompson (or was it Tom Syroid), and I started reading their site. Then from their site, I discovered the Daynotes site. I was overly enthused when I saw others whom, all though on a grander scale, kept online journals. I can honestly say that I have learned about computers, writing, and community from “the Gang”. I enjoy everyone from Jerry (of course) to RBT, to Tom, Matt & Dave. I have others that are daily reads and others that might be weekly. I�ve aspired to be a member, but I understand that maybe I�m not ready to be included on the site. There are far more people who keep daily journals and who know more about computers that I do�but I digress.

I�ve been troubled by the reports about the back channel. People disagreeing is great, but when wishing to see an obituary just isn�t right. The Daynotes Gang represents a vast group of opinionated individuals from two continents. There is expected to be disagreement, simply because creative minds are willing to have a bit of controversy so that a discussion will build. But when death or the wishing of death is involved, that is where creativity ends and the cold face of reality begins.

In the words of my Granddad, “Pick yourself up, dust off the dirt, and come back fighting.” Don�t let these issues stand in the way of being a collaborative group. People have said dumb things for eons. Take a deep breath, count to 3, then�. Well that�s up to you guys. In other words, if that deep breath is for a few weeks, months, etc, we�ll understand. Just don�t let it effect the cohesive/collaborative nature that the Gang suggests.

I say this as a fan and as a daily reader,

Mike Kelley