Yes, I AM the glutton

April 12, 2001

Yes, I AM the glutton of punishment. “Damn Straight” as I heard one of my fellow southerners bellow. No, I couldn�t be happy with a working and rockin RedHat system could I? I started to wonder about these other CDs I have at home and since my system isn�t a primary system yet, I decided to try a few Lini out.

Here�s what I have on hand and my fast opinions:

NetBSD 1.5 � Oh, how this reminds me of installing DG/UX on an old Aviion system. For the diehards, this would be a great system, but for a simple geek like me I want it working ASAP. Install was text-based and went smooth. Configed X and started in the default window manager, XDM. No apps were installed. Fast, Simple, and way too much for me to handle at this point. It would be like giving a 16 year old a Ferrari with no gas.

TurboLinux Workstation � I had this running previously on my Compaq Presario CDS520, a 468/66 with 32 mb of ram. It worked fine on it, for the short time it ran. Installed great, another text based install. The AfterStep manager is unique and I would have definitely tried this for a few days. However the network setup would not work for my Intel EtherExpress 16. This card is supported under everything else I�ve tried in the past, Red Hat 5, SCO, Novell. But for some reason it didn�t want to install.

Linux Mandrake 7.1 � The graphical install is really smooth. Seemed to install faster than RH7, auto detected my Intel nic and sound card. I did however install this 3 times. The first time, was ok, the X config kicked me out and rebooted. Everything came up fine and I played around with all of the Window Managers. The second time was to make sure that reboot wasn�t a fluke. It wasn�t. Reinstalled for the 3rd time and didn�t test the X config after setup. Setup finished and everything seemed normal. I like GNOME, so I removed KDE and all of the other Window Managers during installation. I tried to install Mozilla .8 from an RPM package I had earlier. It would not install. I suspect that GNOME needs to be updated. I�m going to download 7.2 tonight and see if things have been resolved. I also have the updates of GNOME and Sawfish that can be installed. It is definitely faster on boot-up than RH7 and seems to run better on my 200/128mb configuration. I am impressed, I�m glad I listened to my Linux advisor, Doug. I�m going to try this out for a few weeks, and if I don�t like it, RH7 is going back on.

I want to try SuSe, but I�ve read about too many problems with that dist right now. Debian might be my next experiment.

I�ve been back in web design world at work. The new director has some good ideas about our Intranet. She was the internal communications person at her former job. I�ve been working on mock-ups and looking at technology on how to do some of the features we want. I like the ideas, I have some and I think we can come to a happy medium.

MMM, I need a break. I�, trying to catch-up work that I missed during my absence last week. I�m going to go on vacation next month, with my uncle. We�re going to Savannah for a couple of days and it will be a place to chill and calm.

Damn, Blogger is throwing up an SQL error. Now I know that it is working off of SQL Server and NT/2k. Their transaction log is full.