Well, I�ve been working on

April 13, 2001

Well, I�ve been working on Mandrake and there is something I don�t quite like about it. For one, the RPM installer sucks. I�m happy with the amount of apps installed and the speed of which it runs, but something is keeping me from liking this as much as RedHat 7. I�m going to upgrade to versions 7.2 then try it out. Reformat and reinstall 7.2 from scratch. I also have a newer version of TurboLinux Workstation. I really want to try this out. Seems interesting and maybe just maybe it will work. I�m going to sit with it for a week and see what happens. I like Mandrake but I think TurboLinux needs to be evaluated more. I also have a copy of Redmond Linux beta 3. I read about this earlier, but I didn�t give it a thought. I thought about it while cruising /. And went to the site. I like the looks of it, and it warrants a test. After all this experimenting is over, it will either be RedHat Linux 7 or TurboLinux Workstation 6 on my desktop. If Redmond seems interesting, it might edge out TL6.

There is some fallout over the Daynotes “Flamewar 2k+1”. Tom took his ball and went home. It is his right to, it�s his server, his time, and his moderation. Right now all we see on the Daynotes page is the Apache banner. He gave warning that there will be some changes made after he takes the weekend off. Some people aren�t going to be listed and some have resigned. I dl�ed the page and it is available here{.liinternal}�although for a short time. I visit a few of the members daily and if they are removed and I read them, they will be added to my portal page. If not, the page will be removed. I�ve wrote to Tom on a few occasions and he has always been a fair reviewer of my opinion. He was always nice enough to reply back to me and give me a straight answer. Any attacks on him are�well �stupid/ignorant/idiotic.

BidNess�I have a proposal on my table from a friend about setting up a non-profit company. My time would be volunteered, disk space would be donated, and we wouldn�t make any money off of it. I think I�ll do it. I stipulated that if any money were made off of the site, then I would like 1% of the gross. It would be a great use of html to get this site out there, and that�s why I want to do it�to protect and serve.

Plus the main reason to do this would be to promote my services.

Vixol.com�Well my small business is currently back in the planning stages. The domain is there, but I�m not ready to fully talk about what I have planned. I�m not ready to invest the money involved and I can�t go forward until some of the plans have been decided. I have already been advised on some of my plans, steered in the right direction, and made to wait. Well not really made, but I can�t touch a damn thing until we�re ready. I�m going to setup an initial deal that I will probably shoot myself over later. I�m serious about doing this right, and when the plans are finalized, I�ll be open to investors.