Still nothing much to talk

April 18, 2001

Still nothing much to talk about�work is work and I�m tired. A little too stressed for my own good and my blood sugar is reflecting it. Not too high, but above normal for me.

On top of that, I�m getting use to my Thyroid medicine again. I was on my old medicine, synthroid, for about 2 days while I struggled to get a refill of levothyroid. The pills kick my ass occasionally. Makes me super hyper then makes me feel like my blood sugar is in the hypoglycemia range (60-80). Sugar is normal but the feeling isn�t. Saturday night I felt like I could start a fire with the electricity coming off of me. It made me supertense in a grocery store and when I got home, I got a glass of water, ate a cracker or two and relaxed. It took a lot of my energy away. I didn�t feel exhausted or drained�. It�s really hard to explain� You�re relaxed, you can think clearly, but you have this hollow feeling. When I hurt my knee, it wasn�t able to do my usual walking-thing. I thought about this, my walks have been controlling my energy. Without those walks my body has been going *buzz* *buzz* *buzz* until late at night. I had this problem before, the walks cured it and I need to start again. Once it gets under control, I’m normal…well for me anyway, you definition may be different. 🙂