Ouch, my adventure with “Ghost

April 20, 2001

Ouch, my adventure with “Ghost Out” yesterday has made me red. Bad sunburn on my face. I think my medicine has something to do with it.

I have a new, to me, computer. It�s an Apple Macintosh IIsi , nice little Mac from the early 90�s. It�s a slow “road Apple”, but It was free. I also got a 12″ Color and a 12″ Black & White Monitor as well. Everything looks as new. These were used in Radiology as image viewers. Nice lab environment for about 10 years. The monitors are a plus, I now have a monitor for my PowerComputing system and with the Apple to VGA adapter I have, the black and white monitor will be used too. This weekend will be spent tossing old crap out of my office to make room for this. I�m going to look into running NetBSD on this beast of a machine. Now, If I could only find some 32pin SIMMs, it wouldn�t be that much of a hog. I think I have some 4mb SIMMs from my old 386 somewhere.

I looked for some information on the web about this “vintage” computer. I think it is worth about $25 on eBay. Pretty sad when a computer cost less than my answering machine�or my phone bill. I did find copies of System 7.6 that will need to be installed. It already has a NIC, but it�s an AppleShare one. My ultimate goal is to be able to have this as my webserver when my DSL line comes in. Now imaging, the horror of going to a website served on a Mac, 20mhz, 17mb machine, with a 40mb hard drive. I do have a 500mb drive that I can install�. he he he. It�s pretty bad when I found a copy of Debian for the 68k and some guy�s experience with installing it. I might see if this thing could be an X-Server client. If it could connect to my RedHat boxen, I think I would be considered an Evil Genius.

The next old Apple I want is one of the 6000 series “Pizza Box” machines. PowerPC but with a tiny case. I definitely could run Yellow Dog Linux on it, and have about 3 “Servers” running in the space of one machine. My IIsi is a small machine, but not nearly as small as the 6600. The IIsi is about the same size as those BookPCs maybe even smaller since it doesn�t have a CD.

The one I would like after that is a MacSE or MacPlus. Yes, I suck, I know this. But this would be an interesting computer to sit next to my IBM XT in my collection. Maybe after I clear out some room�