Nothing much going on. It�s

April 23, 2001

Nothing much going on. It�s been a short weekend. Went to a Lookouts game with Niki, her sister and nephew. Had a good time, it was a sell out crowd so it was definitely packed. Plus there was a prom going on next door in the Creative Discovery Museum and that meant that the parking lots were extremely full. We had to park on the top most place in the garage. Niki and I also went out of town this weekend. We needed this. Time to relax, time to unwind, and a time to screw my knee up again. I was on it too much this weekend and it is stiff and hurts like a $(#^@!.

I�m going to leave my systems alone for now. Well my main ones, MadCow and Bluedog, anyway. I�m happy with RedHat 7 and Win2k on both systems and will use Victor as my test system. From now, I am going to look for software that allows me to function as I would in the windows world�IBM Topsite will be my first experiments. VMWare might take some of the edge off, but it runs like a stuffed pig on my system. I like AbiWord and I plan on using GNUmeric in the near future.

I wasn�t kidding in the last post about the DSL line. I found a company that provides a static line and they don�t care if you run a server off of it. I would be quite happy in running an NT box off of my line to provide this page. It would save me moola, cash, money. The line is $40. If I figured out my bills right now, I�m spending $30 right now. I could drop my current service and ISP. I would have to go back to NetZero when I travel, but that isn�t an issue. I need ASP ability on my site(s). I can implement features faster using ASP, and I am more comfortable using it. I like my current provider, but I want to literally bring my hosting in-house.

FAQ on the DSL

Why not a cable modem? I have heard too many complaints about the service. I will say that their problems are not uncommon when technology demands grow exponentially like they have in the past 6 months. Comcast�s TOS was my deciding point. They do not like servers on their network. I want to run one, so I�m looking for that solution. I want to run my own email server, www server, and host my sites at a low cost.

Servers? Why Windows? Quite simply, I know Windows networking a lot better than I do *nix. I can lock down a box, setup the www server, and setup email within a couple of hours. That�s not to say that I will not use Apache. I run Apache at home, but IIS has the features built in. Madcow will not be my main server�right now. I am planning on getting a new system. That box will be my main work machine and MadCow will become the server. I will use Victor as the server until his buyer picks him up. If I was a bit more twisted, the MacIIsi would be running MkLinux & Apache.

Why not use /code or PHPNuke? Time, Knowledge, and Understanding. I play around with PHPNuke on the geekreader site and I also had an installation of Zope at home. I like them, but I didn�t feel comfortable with them. I use some ASP applications at work that allows me to use content management. I can customize this code in a text editor. I can also make them look better in the templates I create in NetObjects or FrontPage. This could also go under the heading, “I know Windows better than *nix” again.

What if you get /.ed? Have you really looked around this site? What chance is there that someone would feel the need to put one of my accomplishments on /.? Anything truly newsworthy would go on GeekReader first. If I did get /.ed, my server would die in a horrible flaming poof of overloaded hits. Hell, my site isn�t that influential. It is nice to know that this site and the GeekReader site get more hits than the site I get paid to do. Hey, that�s sad�they why am I chuckling while I type this?

What if you get hit with “hackrz”? Then I would only lose that box for a while. Nothing will be mission critical. I will install all of the patches and check the logs. My passwords will be unique and no, they won�t be my usual ones. The last thing I need is for Reed and Doug to own my Base 🙂 Seriously, the only thing I want to prevent is the use of my systems for Spam and DoS attacks. If you want to probe my box when it goes online, go ahead look around. Learn to be a better cracker. If you�re a script kiddie, then I will own you and sell you to the white slavers faster than you say “l33t” or “warez d00d”.