Oh to be a young

April 24, 2001

Oh to be a young man in the beginnings of a new century.

Nothing is going on. Period. I re-injured my knee Sunday and I hurt. Not as bad as my initial problem, but still, I hurt. Wound up taking a muscle relaxer, I think I asleep in less than 30 minutes. I also had 3 glasses of Diet Dr. Pepper in me. I might have collapsed faster if the caffeine wasn�t in my system�kinda like a NyQuil coma.

I downloaded the 68k Debian package to install on the MacIIsi. This will have to wait since I�m going out of town this weekend. I am also going to wait and install RedHat 7.1 and Ximian Gnome 1.4 in about a month.

I added a new edition to mkelley.net, SoD{.liinternal} or Site of the Day. I link up sites I like and hopefully you will too. I�m going to make some changes to this site, mainly add SoD, update the systems page, update portal pages, and add some DHTML I missed in the initial encoding of the site. I�m also going to setup a new site for Vixol.com and GenerationGeneric.

I�m starting to worry about Apple�s crackdown on Themes. This site is based off of a theme based on an Aqua screenshot. Might have to base it on XP next. I was looking back this week on an old design, and maybe the old TWM version would do. Maybe if I made the site look like a Xerox Alto , they would steel my design, then I could sue them or maybe LisaWorks just to piss them off.

I like having my site under a computer motif and I want to keep the Aqua look, but if it comes to blows, I�m serious about making my site look like LisaWorks or Tandy�s Deskmate. I�m truly twisted.