Me? Oh, I�m doing fine.

April 26, 2001

Me? Oh, I�m doing fine. See, I�m Mike�s computer. He normally does a good job, but here lately he�s been stressed. Really stressed and he hasn�t spent any time on me. Yeah, he spent a couple of hours Monday, working on that Music program and on his website, but he hasn�t been keeping the long hours late at night working on a Journal or surfing the web, he�s going back to uugh, real life. According to my internal clock it is spring and that is when he becomes a slacker. I mean look around me, this place is a mess, CD Cases everywhere, old dead computers around me, I feel like I live in a mausoleum. It�s not his fault, he�s busy and doesn�t have time to throw crap out�like that old junky Frank, the Pentium he has been working on for about 3 months. Frank doesn�t talk to us, he can’t even Ping. We laugh at him for not being able to run a mouse from a serial port. He even crashed on a linux install, lame. Ok, he�s coming back, I hear him walking down the hall�Bye now, I better stop typing before he installs WindowsME on me.

Yes, my computer�s diatribe was noted. No, I haven�t spent a lot of time at home on a computer. I need a break from computers, but they�re so tempting. I�ve stopped my late night writings. I got tired of looking at the clock and noticing that I only had 6 hours to sleep. I am writing in the early morning before work. I can squeeze in 15 minutes to type and come up with this crap before I iron my clothes.

I have a nice new/old design for this place. The “aqua” style will continue, but my pages will be consolidated. The index.html page will contain portal, notes, SoD, and some brief information. This is for the sake of consolidation and to assist me in keeping a nice look around here. Once I get DSL and the webserver up, I�m going to try again. change of plans[mk]

I�m going out of town this weekend to visit some friends. I�ll be back Sunday evening. This will be my last post of the week. But when I return, I will have some changes to report. I promise. **Big** changes. see friday’s post