I’m back in town. Spent

April 29, 2001

I’m back in town. Spent the weekend at Phil & Julie’s place in Atlanta. Good food and good times. Saw “Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels”. It’s not a move but a work of art. I would have to agree with Phil about the cinematography, it�s beautiful. Guy Ritchie can make a good film. If your into strange British gangster movies then see this. I would love for him to tackle the Krays� story.

Loaded LinuxPPC on PseudoMac, doesn�t work. I�m going to setup my SCSIs again to see if I can have more than 1.5gb on a systems that needs SWAP/MACOS9/Linux. I�m almost at the point to just get a 4gb SCSI and say to hell with it.

Worked on the .net site and the front page is complete. I don�t know when it will be posted, Possibly next weekend.

My office is a mess and that should take precedent next weekend. I should also note that I have returned to <a href=�http://www.geekreader.com�>Geekreader</a> as a writer. I needed to get a little bit better mentally and physically before I started to do anything.

Niki�s laptop, Bob, is about to die. It�s not seeing the hard disk on reboot. I futzed with it earlier, but I don�t know. Maybe it is from a loose connection. I don�t know. I do know that I�m going to run a virus scan on it ASAP. I�m going to piece together a box for her and attach it to the nice Apple Color monitor. It�s small but it works for web surfing and email. If LinuxPPC winds up working, she can have BlueDog�maybe. I do have another motherboard with a 100mhz Cyrix chip. I can put something together fast that she will like. If Bob doesn�t die, then maybe he can be a Linux box too.