I�m installing OS9 on my

April 30, 2001

I�m installing OS9 on my PseudoMac before I try PPCLinux again. I do hear that Yellow Dog 2.0 is about to come out and it is better. I have access to a beta copy, and my sources say that it�s not bad. I didn�t like the install scripts for PPCL, you boot up into TWM (or something like it) and select partitions, packages, networking from there. It was kludgy and if you need BootX on non-“New World Machines” then it shouldn�t let you proceed and it definitely shouldn�t let you blow away your partitions until you do so. Maybe that was dumb on my part, but this is no way to install a Lini. There needs to be an intelligent setup. I�m sorry but RH7, Mandrake, and Caldera spoil me. I like a graphical install, but this one would be better off with a more robust application. YDL 1 was based on RedHat 6, and was text based so was the SuSE 7 PPC beta. I�m going to install YDL2 and see how that works. I might try SuSE again, but it was hella buggy�so much that it was a waste of time. I might have more patience now and more of a technical background to fall back on if I get stuck.

I do have memory in-route for the Mac. Once I get my external SCSI drives going, all I need is a G3 upgrade card. Might have to save some coins for that, but it would be nice. Maybe I could use that little OSX hack and run it on my little PowerWave. Running that and Linux on the same box would be nice. The ultimate goal is to only have 2 machines: A Win2k box (web development) and a Linux box. The ultimate ultimate goaI is to have one box that does everything. I�ll keep another box as a webserver. I really don�t want to go back to coding in a text processor, but maybe NetObjects will come out with a Linux hack real soon. They created the IBM Linux WYSIWYG editor TopSite. It uses a special version of WINE and runs decently. It�s a nice FrontPage clone.