My old drum/percussion instructor has

May 1, 2001

My old drum/percussion instructor has started his own custom drum company, BigBrew Drumworks . Nice looking drums from a great guy. I learned about music, but my lessons were more about life. I was taught patience on top of how to smack a drum like Liberty DeVito. I worked for Bill occasionally and I remember his son Chad and I dual drumming on the weekends.

Tried out PPCLinux last night, tried to install it three different times and I had the manual in my lap the whole time. Finally I said screw it and pulled out my Yellow Dog Linux CD. It installed in less than 45 minutes and the only issue I have is with the video resolution. It�s doesn�t like 16-bit color on my machine. It trails the mouse and doesn�t seem to work well. I�m going to swap the video card from BlueDog, a 4mb Matrox, to see if it works better. The TDL distro is based on RedHat 6 and installs in text mode. I�m going to try YDL 2.0beta and see if it is any better.

I ran some stats and it is reporting that my 604e/120 is running at 200mhz and at 503 bogomips. Um, I�m going to check the processor in the MacOS when I update it from 8.5 to 9.1. I�m pretty sure that nothing was done to update this computer before I got it. We did get one of the last PowerComputing systems before Apple bought them, so maybe it was a mistake. Or YDL is just messed up.

I�m going to hold off on getting a big SCSI drive for PseudoMac (soon to be MacDog), I have parts for an external SCSI case and soon I�ll have it going. I found some metal bits at the store and I�m processing about how to build a case that I like. Pretty much going to be metal and Plexiglas or metal and wood.

On top of my whole Linux on a PowerPC adventure, Niki�s laptop is dying. I believe that it has a virus or something else is wrong. First step is to run InnoculateIT, then I�m going to completely dissemble the machine to see if the battery can be replaces (cmos battery) and to make sure that nothing is shorting our.

I�m almost done with the new pages for and hopefully, I can get it going this weekend. I just need to come up with a new top logo for the page. Nothing works and I�m starting to get frustrated.