Oh the funny things I

May 2, 2001

Oh the funny things I stumble across. I�ve been researching the hell out of my PowerComputing PowerWave 604/120. Good Mac clone. I�ve been looking at all of the PowerCC websites and it seems that they only offered the PowerWave in a tower config�well why do I have a desktop model that resembles the Power120 ? PowerCC was a custom company, the systems were ordered directly and could have been custom built. It shows up as a 200mhz PowerPC 701 under Linux and a 333 under MacOS9.1. I can discount the MacOS, simply as a case of using a CD from a G3. The 701 were the processors that are used in Kyrocera printers. Now the enabler is called 701, so maybe Linux is looking at that. I guess I�ll have to crack the case open and pull out the processor to see if I can tell what it is.

Yellow Dog Linux 1.2 is still running, for now. I�m going to take Eric up on his offer of the YDL 2.0 beta. I like RedHat 7 and this should be similar to it.

I looked at my stats for the month of April and I had almost 5000 hits. Some of the uniqueness is due to the fact that I had numerous requests from Google because some poor shlub typed in “QuarkXPress Warez” or Abandonware and that picked into my portal pages that have links to Quark and the Abandonware site. I got over 300 hits because of /. A majority of my visitors are using Windows, mainly Windows98. Macs visit my site more than *nix boxes and I got a few hits from people running OS/2 and Amiga. So I don�t quite get as many hits as the site I get paid to do, but between mkelley.net and geekreader.com I know they get more. IE is the main browser people use. I get about 10% from all of the Netscape/Mozilla browsers out there. DON�T WORRY, I only use my stats for my use. I never sell the information. Why should I care if your IP is 192.168�wait that was my address.

If you are surfing via OS/2 and Amiga please let me know, email me at mkelleyATmkelleyDOTnet{.limailto}. I�m very curious and would like to discuss your web experiences for a possible article on geekreader.com about “Minority OS Uses on the Web”. I would like to know more about the browsers you use and some of the problems/issues you have in surfing the web using the OS that you use. I ran OS/2 for a while and I am thinking about running it again, since Mozilla has been made available for it.