Nothing much going on.

May 4, 2001

Nothing much going on. I feel a bit better today but not well enough to sit down at a computer and work on a project. I am going into work, so I can write about that tomorrow/tonight.

Computers-I am in technology overload. I really need to wean myself to just use one active system and one test system. Linux/Windows/Mac, I can”t decide. I really know windows and would hate to lose that. But I like the stability of Linux. I just can’t find a good, keyword good, WYSISYG HTML editor. Topsite by IBM is nice, but it’s not Fusion or Freeway. When Freeway comes out for Windows, it will be a purchase. I have to keep a Windows machine around until I can find that magic program. I like coding by hand, but I hate not being able to instantly see what I’m coding. I can”t compare the GIMP to Photoshop. I like Photoshop and will use it, until I can find my way around the GIMP. Photoshop is my M16 right now. I know it inside out on Windows and Mac. The GIMP is confusion in progress. I hate the interface and some of the menu layouts.