Oh joy. It’s office-cleaning time.

May 5, 2001

Oh joy. It’s office-cleaning time. I wish I had a digital camera so I could show you the amount of CDs I’ve thrown away. It’s a stack that about 6 inches tall and consists of everything from the Kinko’s edition of Office97, you know the one that the crack was rapidly available online for about umm 30 minutes to RedHat 5 to Windows 98 consumer preview to the mag CDs from the original “The Net” magazine before Imaging let it go to hell damn I miss BlueGurl’s & Drue Miller ‘s articles. I also created a stack of Linux CDs. Mainly distributions but I ditched the completely out dated ones. I put all of my working systems in a cabinet beside my desk. I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m happy.

I’ve been hacking away at the next version of this site. I was up until about 230am working on it. Looks good, but I decided yesterday to change the layout and it’s been giving me more problems. The sections will look cleaner but not in the Aqua style. I like the gumby buttons but I changed my ideas around. It’s going back to a quazi-X windows motif.

Neat site