Yes, I’m still cleaning.

May 6, 2001

I can see the floor around my desk, but not too much behind me. This will be a clean office soon. Last Night Niki and I went to the Walnut Street Bridge with her brother and sister. Had a good time and enjoyed my walk with Niki’s nephew. It was a good night to do it, clean air comfortable.

I’ve started to put together a book, more like a cheat sheet, for HTML. It has the 216 web-safe colors and a brief list of markups. I’m starting to hand code more and I’m a bit rusty, so I definitely need this. I also included a quick list of *nix commands. I am writing this in FrontPage, but normally I write in Word2k or AbiWord, then transfer, via the ctrl-c and ctrl-v commands, to Blogger.

Seems like a good system. I will move my systems to Linux soon, and I’m going to see if I can forgo a plain html editor. I can always use VMWare to run a setup that includes NetObjects then transfer that to Linux then into a plain HTML editor. Why the sudden interest in a plain HTML editor? I started thinking about what I work on. I need to be able to edit pages no matter what OS I use. I use 3 operating systems…count em 3. I need to be able to edit a file, then upload that via FTP from any system I touch. I can do it now, but it screws up the FrontPage systems. I’m going to re-educate myself in the fine art of hand coding. I did my first years of site building that way, using a hodgepodge of programs, from Notepad moving to HotDog, then everything in between, HoTMetaL Word Assistant, then moving to Vermeer FrontPage that Microsoft soon purchased. I like FP, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t like it having a stranglehold on my sites. Graphics? Well I’m going to continue to use Photoshop at work, but the sites I build outside of there will be developed with the GIMP. Learning curve ahead, I know but I have to do it.