Yek! *Cough* sneeze

May 8, 2001

I’m still sick, I thought it was pollen until Niki said that her family was sick. We spent Friday over there and the whole household is ill. I can work, I don’t want to, but I have to.

Interesting article about Channel One over at I know I hated to watch that damn program while I was at school We pretty much sat and talked while that lame excuse for a Teen news show came on. It’s an abomination that we allow things like that to go on, while our schools are suffering. I went to public schools and didn’t have a bad time, but I am starting to think that I will send my children to private school if things don’t improve. Read some of the comments after the story too.

I think I hit a snag in my website. I’m going to go back and make it look like it does now, just some pages are going to be shifted around and/or deleted. I haven’t touched it, but as I drifted off to sleep last night, I decided that was the right thing to do. I’ll use the now former new site as the basis for