Yep, still sick, I do

May 9, 2001

Yep, still sick, I do feel better though. I think this cold is subsiding.

I�m going to rework the site yet again, and not worry about the aqua interface. I like it, but it�s not going to stay. The site I was working on will become And what I said yesterday about changing the Aqua site isn�t in the cards. I don�t like the designs I�m working on so it�s time I found some new inspiration. Time to work on a page for the next few months before I do anything I might regret later. For now, the portal page will be updated.

Tried to download Ximian GNOME 1.4. I was about 3 hours into the download when I went to bed. I got up from the computer, checked my blood, took my pills, drank a glass of water and returned to find an error on my screen. The damn server kicked me off. AARG! I guess I�ll wait until I can get a CD of if it for both PPC and RH7. I�m going to, for now, install RedHat 7.1, and then see about GNOME. It wouldn�t make that big of a difference on the RH box, but on the Yellow Dog Linux box, it would greatly improve the graphics. Tried to install an HTML editor called Bulldozer. I wasn�t able to get it going. I�m going to try a few more things before giving up.

Niki took good care of me yesterday, made some nice Chicken and Rice soup. It hit the spot and I do believe that it helped in my recovery. My ears are starting to pop again so my hearing will be back to normal. I hate this sinus/cold thing that�s happening. But at least I can type this before I go into work.

I do dig this bloging thing.