Quick note this morning. Busy

May 10, 2001

Quick note this morning. Busy day ahead, consumed with meetings and deadlines. I have way too much to finish before I leave Friday. Tried again to install Bulldozer. Crapped out and I got tired of futzing with it at midnight. I can only edit that damn script so much. I kinda have Samba going at home. Bluedog is in the same network as Madcow now. I just can�t share currently. Let me see what Library 2.0 says about it when I have time to read later this evening. I put in a bit on another laptop. It�s another Twinhead exactly like, the now deceased Bob. I figure this laptop doesn�t have an AC adapter and since Bob isn�t exactly going anywhere, I can use his parts in case this one dies. I can also update its memory and hard drive. Niki needs a portable computer, way more than I do.