Live to write

May 11, 2001

Well kinda, I do like writing this little journal (almost) every day. I’ve always enjoyed writing, even in grammar school. I won some little young author’s fair award when I was 8 or 9. The story was about a counterfeit dollar, it was a funny story and I would love to have a copy of it now. As I got older, I started to enjoy writing opinions. I hated to write book reports about dumb books that I found uninteresting. My reading tastes flow very similar – I hate reading fiction. I like biographies and some history. I could tell you all about percussion in the 1900’s and NeXT computers. If I do read fiction, it is presented as fact, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” comes to mind. I also remember reading very limited amounts of sci-fi, Logan’s Run was the only sci-fi book I’ve been able to read completely. I’ve never been one for Stephen King.

The internet has pushed my love for writing and reading, I read blogs and journals and I really like putting one online. I think many of you enjoy the same fascination with people that I do, I should have been a sociologist. Niki could people watch all day, while I would want to dig deeper and find out “their story”. There are times when I thought I should have been a reporter. My good friend Mark, who set me and Niki up, was someone who actually stated this to me once

The internet is the ultimate form of people watching. You can learn about lives hear people’s stories, begin to learn (in your opinion) of that person’s being. So if you even have a notion of keeping a journal, go to Blogger and set one up. Trust me it’s a way to clear some stress and to clear your thoughts._


I’m not going to post this weekend if I can help it. I have a graduation to attend tomorrow morning a ball game to go to later in the day and I will need to clean my office sometime n between. Sunday will be spent with the Mom’s and Grandmothers. Monday will be an office clean/clothes clean day. Then I’m going to head out Monday night and stay with uncle Steve-O then leave to Savannah Tuesday a.m. I will be back and by that time the client’s computer should be in and I’ll have to get it going by Sunday.