Well I did do some

May 13, 2001

Well I did do some computing stuff…only it was late at night. I tried to

install Progeny Debian on most of my

systems. The damn thing wouldn’t boot and sure didn’t like to configure X

correctly. To hell with it. I tried on Bluedog first. That totally sucked. It

kept saying that my CD was a SCSI and it was throwing extended messages back at

it. I’ve installed about 8 different Linux distros on and have never had this

problem. Tried to install onto a free drive on MadCow. It would install but it

didn’t like setting up x. I even tried to install on Victor. Dead. This isn’t a Linux

for the desktop people. I can pop in a RedHat cd and have a working system

complete with networking, sound, and video within 30-45 minutes…and this is on

a P200 w/ 128 of ram or a PPro 200 w/96mb of ram, not new system at all. How can

Linux succeed in the desktop if it won’t install. I’ve never had this problem

from any other Distros or Windows installs. I’m a very confident computer user

who can install everything from Novell to Windows to most other Linux


Yes I did pop in RedHat on Madcow and now I have a dual booting Windows2k/Redhat

7 system in about an hour. Winmodem and USB NIC don’t work, but I don’t care.

Bluedog is now a WinNT4 sp6 system with the hopes of dual booting it with

another Linux system…Maybe RedHat 7. I’m trying to get down to one system.

This Linux debacle is killing my sleep.

Site of the Day [Windows/Linux

Dual Boot](http://gazette.euskal-linux.org/issue38/veselosky.html)

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