Yes, that was a perfectly

May 14, 2001

Yes, that was a perfectly good rant about Progeny Debian 1.0. Just for good measure, I formatted BlueDog with a copy of Partition Magic I had forgot about. Tried to reinstall with another CD-ROM drive installed and it still crapped out. I put a RedHat 7 CD in, rebooted, made some selections, and left for Circuit City. Came back an hour later and it was completely installed…the first time I put the disk in, video and everything. I’m staying with RedHat, screw what those trolls on /. say about it. RedHat is a good system, it does what I need it to do when I need it to. It has a good install that’s almost equal to a MS install. From what I hear, 7.1 is f-ing sweet. Can’t wait.

I’m typing this under Abiword on this new RedHat install. RH7 runs better on this system than WinNT4sp6 and it runs rock solid on MadCow (Pentium Pro200 96mb ram for those that are new). HTML is the only freakin thing holding me back from using Linux full time…well that and my Winmodem.

This will be the last post until the weekend. I’m going out of town and I will be without a computer and with that being said, those of you with my cellphone # that will be the only way to contact moi.

I plan on getting some reading done. I have the latest 2600, my Level 4 book, and my geek book.