This is a boring day.

May 21, 2001

This is a boring day. I had some problems with the include page that was a placeholder for my notes. I wound up letting Blogger treat my index.html page like a template. It does work. FrontPage 2000�s include tag is broken. I found this out in some forums and it also screws up the SSI if you try it that way. I used three editors to do th new pages, Netobjects Fusion 5, FrontPage 2000, and Freeway 3.1. I like them all. I�m getting more away from FrontPage as a html editor, most of my layout is in Fusion while the initial design is in Freeway. I export from Freeway to a gif file. I cut those up in Photoshop then move everything else to Fusion. When that�s complete, I move into FrontPage for management and text editing. I like FPs table editor and word processor.

I�m in the process of trying QNX again. I have an install of RedHat 7.1 going and I�m about to pass out. I�m tired and my sugar is low. I�m also planning on setting up a Linux server this week. I might use my 486 just to see what I can get away with. Would be nice to have that Compaq run RedHat/Apache/PHP/PHPNuke.