I finished upgrading my Linux

May 22, 2001

I finished upgrading my Linux box to RedHat 7.1, the install is nice and it actually feels faster than 7.0. We’ll see later how it works. My client’s system came in today and just for shinin I tried to install Progney Debian. Didn’t work. The system is a 633 Celeron with 128mb RAM. Decent system, it’s running Win98SE now, although the driver CD wasn’t shipped. So I have this nice new system that can only run 16 color 640×480 without sound and modem. Oh and did I mention that it is due to be at a client’s office Thursday evening? I’m not happy and hopefully they will set me up to where I can at least download the drivers until they can get a CD to me. If not, you can bet that I will name names and have a special section of this site devoted to the company for my 5000+ viewers to read. Call it blackmail, call it being a jerk, I just want to get a system built for a client.

My work for safetyplace.org is beginning, the domain has been approved and as soon as we can ftp to it, we’re going to start developing a page. It’s going to be a website devoted to child safety issues and hopefully inform some parents of the dangers that are out there. We are just in the discussion faze now, we’ll get something online real soon and maybe get some media attention from it.

Funky things going on with blogger and this template…more work to be done.