OK, Let’s see where do

May 25, 2001

OK, Let’s see where do I start. Here are some quick rants about a few topics:

The Internet

Content is King, please stop making these horrible Flash pages that can’t be indexed by search engines, be seen by the disabled, and are death to those with slow connections. Ok, Ok, Ok, you can make a globe spin and then morph into a flaming logo, you rule ok now stop. The blink tag was abandoned by most browsers a few years ago, and animated gifs have had their day in the sun, but as long as there is some graphics yank who wants to show how “l33t” his web “skilz” are, we will have Flash pages. I like the British, they seem to be the only ones who can do Flash properly, but it’s beginning to be overkill.


This is an open letter to all “modern rock” stations. Nirvana isn’t modern rock, Aerosmith isn’t too. Even though I love Led Zeppelin, it doesn’t belong on that station. Play some new music, please. I get sick of hearing “No Apologies” and BUSH’s “Come Down”. But I don’t hear many of the up and coming artists that have some great music out. Diffuser, Incubus, Wallflowers. The modern rock stations are becoming stagnant in Chattanooga.

Slashdot and the others…

Is anyone else seeing a trend? Is slashdot.org beginning to become infected with trolls? Moderation is one of the great things at /. but it’s not being used properly. Some very good quotes are being moded as “Flamebait” or “Off Topic”. The news is still interesting, but the conversation is starting to suck. Whereas Ars and HardOCP news and information amount to nothing but drivel. Kuro5hin has a neat voting system to decide what topics go on the front page. It allows for discussion and seems to really work.

Not to say that this site isn’t pure, self-obsessed megalomania, it most very well is.